About Us

Blue Sky Deli is a small and charming Deli in the town of Highcliffe spoiling you with the choice of Cheeses, Pastries, Soups and more. The extensive counter is complimented with the Cafe which can freshly prepare a wide range of Sandwiches, Baguettes and Cooked meals for you to enjoy for Breakfast and Lunch. From warming Hot Chocolates, great in winter or summer, to refreshing Smoothies, made in-store by Ally, the Counter and Cafe can offer you the right drink for any occasion! Blue Sky Deli can cater to anybody, from Vegans to those with intolerances with a large amount of meals, such as the delicious Chilli, already being Vegan.

Every few Friday nights the Deli holds a special evening meal, these vary wildly from British meals perfected to exciting twists on Italian classics. However, places always go fast so it’s a good idea to book early to get in on the excitement.

Blue Sky Deli will always work tirelessly to get you the perfect meal, and is always happy to take your orders for Quiches and other such baked goods. See the “Contact Us” page for more information about ordering ahead.